‘Ello, I’m Nysha.

I had a beautiful introductory paragraph planned out in my head, but it got overwritten by a deep and meaningful ponderance about why the hell there is a car tyre hanging off the streetlamp outside my window (I have a limited cache); so you’ll have to make do with some inane rambling about why I’m not writing anything good. An utterly self-defeating sentence already, I’m off to a good start!

Moving on, I suppose I should say something useful. I’ve not done a collaborative blog before – it’s rather an awesome idea, really. I’ve had my own blog for yonks, and it greatly resembles the folders I use for organising my college notes. That is; terribly disorganised, and mostly containing random pictures and and silly one-line comments. It’s not as if I don’t have tonnes of vaguely intelligent trains of thought which could be translated into pretty decent posts of more than five sentences – they just get overwritten. *cough*

Anyways, I do love writing, but not in a concise or journalistic manner. Expect tangents on every other sentence (Usually I abuse parentheses for this purpose. I’ve tried hard not to here, don’t expect the effort to last. I’ve tried, but clearly not hard enough. A bit like those 100% recycled pencils. Yes, I am aware it’s made from an old paper cup, because every time I try to write with it it snaps in half. It’s starting to look like the chocolatey end of a Pocky. Damnit. I try, and fail. And no, I won’t delete it. That was a thought worthy of free cyberspace. I always feel guilty when I chop bits out of writings anyway.).
I also tend towards being scathing, even of things I like. Unless I really, really, really love something (like Amanda Palmerian music!), I’m probably very happy to describe it with Cleese-esque disdain. That doesn’t by any means infer that I don’t think it’s the bee’s knees (Who came up with that nutty little phrase? I can imagine a bee’s knee being pretty cool, sure, but not nearly as cool as a llama’s bellybutton piercing.); just that I am tragically compelled to voice any sarcastic witticism that pops into my head. It’s really not healthy. Most people have the restraint to not make jokes about playing trampoline to a heavily pregnant woman who’s complaining that she doesn’t have the energy to play with her bored toddler; I don’t.

As far as my tastes in whatever it is we’re planning to write about here go, I have a habit of equating “mainstream” to “boring”. As such, I staunchly ignore any films which seem from trailers to be entirely inoffensive. I refuse to read books which follow that horrible plotline of “there’s this nice normal person, and then something strange happens to them!”; and I let most games zoom right over my head until someone spends too much time professing how awesome game xyz is, at which point I wait for a vindictive moment and set out to prove them wrong. There are exceptions to this – my permanent home is a French MMO called Ryzom (I won’t be writing about it, mind), the C&C series is the best friend ever of Nyshaketh (better known as Bitch Mode), and my OCD tendencies delight in striving toward the perfect city in Caesar IV. I played Sins of a Solar Empire for weeks just because the devs were fantastic enough to include “Space Ponies!” as an achievement.

In the way of mostly irrelevant minutiae; I’m English, an A2 student (read: edumicated slacker, skilled at playing cards in the canteen), and permanently infatuated with the art of twisting syntax and using words strangely in order to make essentially simple concepts sound like quantum physics on acid. The words are just prettier that way.
I’m also a born and bred geek (As, I suppose, one would hope a Geeky Woman Blogging would be.), and being staff on the modding forum where all of us met has left me with an uncontrollable twitch; whereby whenever anyone has a techie problem, regardless of context and whether or not I’ve just been told by a tall-hat to STFU, I automatically try to help them fix it (Not using the aforementioned linguistic hobby, unless I’m feeling really foul.).
That’s about the limit of what can be considered relevant here; if you desperately want to know more then I have no objection as long as you’re intelligent enough to find your way to my other WP blog. 😉

Apologies for rambling and appearing self-important, it was her idea! *points at Silent*

Cookies and underwear to all!