Introductory posts have a tendency to ramble on. This is normal. It requires a lot of modesty to be able to sum up your whole being, or at least the bits you want people to know about, in a few sentences. And modesty does not a blogger make. For what it’s worth, I’ll try to keep things brief.

I write about IT for a living. I also blog about IT occasionally, though this is arguably about the ‘boring’ bits of IT. Which leaves rather a big pile of opinions and tidbits of information that do not have an outlet.

Cause while I try to force my mind to take in capex and opex figures, it has a tendency to wander off to, say, Tamriel, if I don’t keep it under close guard. If my boss is reading this: I do stop it from wandering off, I promise.
But they’re fickle little things, minds. And mine is an escapist one. The kind that seems to enjoy simulated violence a lot more than what some CEO has to say. Sadly, what some CEO has to say is important to quite a lot of people (his employees, for instance), which is why I’m paid to write about what he says, and my thoughts on the politics of the Spore galaxy are kept to a geeky blog somewhere in free cyberspace.
So, what to expect? Silliness, mostly. Isn’t that the point? I enjoy silliness about as much as simulated violence. It’s why I read silly books. I play games to immerse myself in rich worlds and follow hopefully decent storylines. I write to clear my head from all the thought fluttering around in it. I mod to make pretty things. I eat chocolate cause I’m addicted and I drink to get drunk. If my mother is reading this: I don’t get drunk that much, I promise.
What you’ll get from me is a bit of all of the above.