For those who don’t know me, I’m Christine, aka SilentPsycho.  My hobbies are drinking, anime, drinking, video games, drinking, manga, drinking, webcomics, and even more drinking.  It is highly likely that whenever you see me on here, I am either tipsy or just slightly drunk.  I rarely get completely blotted, due to genetics, alas.  Usually I just get drunk enough to spread naked pictures of my Boobs of Doom about in chat rooms.

I’m currently unemployed, and seeking employment as a Librarian in the region of Essex, England, (yes, I’m an Essex girl).  I enjoy reading, especially fantasy, and spend my free time either doing that, playing video games, or watching anime.

From me, you are likely to get video game reviews, anime reviews, or fanfiction reviews.  I love yaoi/slash, so if you object to this, just don’t read my posts.  Otherwise, I have free reign to maim/maul you, and yes, I do own a number of swords that I can kill you with.  My language is often sarcastic, and anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt.  Unless I’m being serious of course, at which point you have to sign a waiver before opening your mouth.

And by the way, any rambling is Nysha’s fault.  The poor dear is too busy look at my 36JJ jugs to write properly. 😉

More will come later, after I’ve sobered up a bit.