December 2008

 Personally, I think my geographical skills are excellent. Sadly, I’m the only one that would define them like that.

You see, I usually get to the place I want to be, eventually, but not always by the route I had planned. Thus, about a quarter of the places I’ve visited in my driving life were seen unintentionally, stumbled upon when I really wanted to be somewhere else. There’s a myriad of tiny boring village centers and tree-lined streets that I’ve driven through, that really shouldn’t be more than a name on a signpost to me.

This doesn’t, however, mean that I want some electronic bitch telling me where to go.



The internet is full of dicks. And I don’t mean the pornographic kind, though there’s quite a few of those as well (*cough* or so I’ve been told).

No, I mean the trolls. The ones that read an article (or half read, or vaguely click on it) and then start posting random crap about it. I have here, for your entertainment, a biological breakdown of trolls.

Any similarity to real people is entirely deliberate, and if you recognize yourself, please get up and leave the internets forever.


Spore is the most pirated game of 2008, according to TorrentFreak . The game came out in September and has been illegally downloaded 1,7 million times. In those three months, more people have nabbed it than, say, Assassin’s Creed, which came out late 2007. TorrentFreak says, and I believe them in that, that the high pirating rate is due in large part to the DRM that came with the game.

Now, I can’t really support people that pirate software, but in all honesty, I can’t blame them, either.

We’ve come to the point where it’s simply more comfortable to play illegal games, than it is to play legitimate ones.


While playing some of my newish games, such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue, I’ve realised I’ve died far more times in that game that I’ve done in any game before, and it appears that I am not the only one.  Friends of mine have reported the same thing, and have lead me into thinking about why this is so.  Is it the horrifically hard dungeons, such as the 99-floor dungeon in which you get reduced to Level 1, and have all your items and money taken from you before you enter, or is it the simple fact that the most you have to worry about with dying in that game is a loss of some of your items and all the money that you’re carrying during that particular dungeon?


Or maybe it’s just the fact that in some games, I either play with God Mode on or Uber myself up to a point where I could be considered a Goddess.



Can you buy a community?

The question may seem a bit odd, but it’s certainly valid, as I’m seeing people try.

But the answer, it seems, is ‘no’.


I hate boss fights.

I really do.

And I don’t know why games insist on having them.