February 2009

A woman in the US has created a way for her cat to approve EULA’s, so she doesn’t have to. I’m sure that, should she ever be sued for breaking an EULA, the legal battles fought over this will be immensely amusing.

But even more interesting is what this says about our intense dislike of EULA’s. That a person would go to such lengths not to have to click ‘yes’ to something she hasn’t read, and might not agree to.



I’ve recently been eating my way through every one of Terry Pratchett’s amazing Discworld novels – and by recently, I mean since last June; Discworld books are the sort of thing which you feel guilty for speed-reading. Unsurprisingly, I have not been disappointed with the brilliant wit, irony and sarcasm Pratchett uses – I’m absolutely loving every word.

As such, you can imagine that when I saw this, while sitting in a corridor reading Interesting Times, my first thought was not “printing error”… (more…)

If you’ve ever watched Chobits, you might remember the character of Sumomo, a computer in the form of a very small, hyperactive girl. Sumomo is equipped with a whistle and the power to make people do morning exercises without questioning. Clip here, for the non-anime experts (my apologies for the horrible dubbed version).

Sumomo comes creepily close to what Wii Fit feels like.


There’s a number of really good reasons to take public transport. It’s good for the environment, it adds social experience, in some cases it’s cheaper than cars and it avoids traffic jams, accidents and death.

Yet somehow the majority of people prefer to sit in the tin death traps that are cars and face at least two crawling, snaking queues every day. I think I know why.