If you’ve ever watched Chobits, you might remember the character of Sumomo, a computer in the form of a very small, hyperactive girl. Sumomo is equipped with a whistle and the power to make people do morning exercises without questioning. Clip here, for the non-anime experts (my apologies for the horrible dubbed version).

Sumomo comes creepily close to what Wii Fit feels like.


After about a month’s wait, I finally got my white board a few days ago. When testing it out, the cheerful little virtual balance board greeted me and proclaimed that it would be my fitness buddy for the next few months. It also expressed the hope that we would become great friends. I find this slightly optimistic, since the first thing it did, was weigh me. If it knew anything about women, it would be aware that this was a faux pas. It then asked how old and tall I was, and told me I was fat, after which it blew up the little Mii representing me to ridiculous proportions.

Now, I’m quite aware that my curves would make the likes of Rubens stand to attention, but I don’t necessarily want to see them … visualized in quite such a cruel way. So my relationship with the virtual board on TV probably won’t get much better than the one I had with the *incredibly* helpful paperclip from Word. Maybe developers should stop anthropomorphizing random objects, just a thought.

Fortunately, when it comes to actual exercises, the ‘fitness buddy’ is replaced with a more human looking trainer. I chose the male one, in the hopes that a small part of me would want to impress a good looking, if nearly monochrome, guy. And I know from my experience with other devices  that I don’t react well to some computerized chick telling me what to do.

But part of the annoyance is always there, since the computer can tell certain things about my stance, but can’t read my, at the time, very red face. So there I am, trying to assume the ‘tree’ position, looking like an idiot and needing every bit of my strength to stop me from falling over, when the dude on TV feels the need to tell me that I seem to be swaying a bit. No shit, Sherlock.

But it works, in a way. I now ache in muscles I didn’t know I had. Something tells me I won’t reach the goal I set into it anytime soon (minus ten kilo’s in six months? I haven’t been able to do that in six *years*), but it adds another option for physical exercise.

Now all I have to do is find some discipline somewhere, and actually do it every day. I wonder if they have software for that.