March 2009

I’ve always been an advocate of the benefits of reading. It increases your vocabulary, exposes you to strange syntax and the Methods of Metaphor, fuels your imagination, and banishes bus stop boredom without fail (unless you finish your book and don’t have a spare). I also encourage reading because I like to write, and I ain’t writing to the wall, damnit.

I’m also, now, an advocate of reading the news. Because there are only so many books in the world, but newspapers are constant, and frequently amusing – especially if you read The “Bunch Of Filthy Liberal Tree-Hugging Hippies” Grauniad (Disclaimer: I am a Filthy Liberal Tree-Hugging Hippy. I read The Grauniad.).



My nickname is Lethe, I play games and I’m not a murderer.

I’d like to mention that last bit, in case you read newspapers, and decide to avoid me.