April 2009

Every now and then you find a small treasure in the discount bin.

This is good, considering I live in a country where new games can cost  up to 60 euros, which is, well, too much for a friggin’ computer game.  (more…)


In the first part of this list of tips, I gave some of the major do’s and don’ts for meeting geeky women and making them like you. This time, let’s go a bit further into the relationship.

Again, compiled from the experience of some pretty awesome women (thank you, Echo, Loaf, Cthru, White, Photo and HP!)



Geeky women are awesome. No really, we are.

For a certain type of guy, we are the ideal girlfriend. You can have the mac vs pc conversation with us, we install our own software, we won’t look at you funny if you mention you’ve just cleared out Vault 63 or saved Tamriel, we might even laugh at that lolcat you made. Plus, about all geeky women I know have big boobs.

But don’t get too excited. Geeky women require proper care. We might be geeks, but we’re still women. So here’s some tips on how to appeal to geeky women, and keep your geeky girlfriend happy. From personal experience, and experience of fellow geeky women (thank you, Echo, Loaf, Cthru, White, Photo and HP!).


Because I am surrounded by geeks almost 16 hours a day, I’ve taken part in a ridiculous amount of discussions about Apple versus Microsoft. I don’t think there will ever be consensus other than ‘you do your thing, and I’ll do mine’, but somehow I never get tired of them.  (more…)