In the first part of this list of tips, I gave some of the major do’s and don’ts for meeting geeky women and making them like you. This time, let’s go a bit further into the relationship.

Again, compiled from the experience of some pretty awesome women (thank you, Echo, Loaf, Cthru, White, Photo and HP!)


8. Dress to impress

Geeky women tend to care less about a man’s taste in clothing than the general populace. For most this is probably a plus. However, it must be noted that if you are trying to dress to impress a geek, different rules apply than if you are trying to impress a non-geek. Geek chic tends to be more dressed down business than sporty casual, for instance.

Also, if you find the right one, a t-shirt with some obscure and amusing quote on it is the ultimate way to show a geek woman that you are, in fact, sufficiently geeky for her and in possession of a sense of humor. If you have no clue: look through places like Thinkgeek or Splitreason for inspiration.


9. Play co-op

Playing games with your girlfriend is the ultimate excuse to both play games and spend quality time together. No Sex and the City for you! But there’s a few things you need to consider. While your online buddies don’t seem to mind being fragged and teabagged (or won’t admit to it), most girlfriends *will* take it personal and get upset if you virtually nuke them into oblivion, screaming ‘Eat lead, bitch!’.

The obvious solution is to play co-op games. What’s more romantic than taking over the world together? Great games for this are MMO’s (as long as you’re on the same team), Civ 4 or other strategy games where your two great nations can ally, and any of the Lego series games.

Try to find one that you both enjoy. It is a fact that most women, even the geeky ones, aren’t the greatest of FPS fans. Having said that, team FPS’s might work, but try to keep friendly fire to a minimum.


10. Watch movies together

A classic. Luckily, you have the kind of girl that would rather watch a Batman movie than the latest Mathew McConaughey drab. If you’re not a geek yourself, be willing to watch movies like Labyrinth  and The Dark Crystal, even if you think they make no sense. Your girl will appreciate the effort. She will also thank you for not rolling eyes at the thought of a Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones marathon.


11.  Don’t get overly competitive

This is pretty universal. Guys like to win. This is fine, but don’t exaggerate. If you’re playing Wii Tennis against your girlfriend, you won’t be less of a man if you don’t win every time. Having fun together is more important than winning.

So don’t throw controllers in frustration. Don’t blame everyone else in the team if you didn’t make record time, or if the raid didn’t go perfectly. It just makes you look childish.


12. Gifts

At some point in your relationship, you’ll want to start giving gifts. It’s her birthday, Christmas, or you’re just the type that likes to randomly give partners stuff. Flowers and chocolate are the safe gifts here, but most geeky women might get more excited about a nice, thoughtful USB device. The trick here is to be somewhat romantic and/or quirky with your gift. Don’t just by her a boring USB stick when you could find a really cute one. Or you can give her a bouquet of RAM sticks, or a graphics card stuck in a heart shaped box. Sound silly? Your girl will love silly, especially romantic silly.


13. Keep online drama to a minimum

So you’re both geeks. You spend much time online and have quite a few friends there. This is fine. But remember that online is public. And a relationship is private. If you have a fight with your geeky girlfriend, keep said fight between the two of you. Vent to friends in pm’s or actual conversations. Do not use facebook, twitter, your blog or the chatroom you both frequent to blow off steam.


14. Accept the quirky

Whatever that quirk is. We might like blasting aliens in Halo, we might go on /b/, we might quote random internet memes at inappropriate times, we might watch hentai, we might spend half the night perfecting the code for a new mod. Geeky women could be into any number of things that are not traditionally ladylike. But hey, we’re geeks: accept it.


 Have more tips? More personal experience? Go right ahead and post 🙂