Every now and then you find a small treasure in the discount bin.

This is good, considering I live in a country where new games can cost  up to 60 euros, which is, well, too much for a friggin’ computer game. 

So I tend to wait a few years, and I regularly check the discount bins to see if there’s anything worth playing. That’s how I found Jade Empire. For some reason, it never received the hype it deserves. So I’ll make a case for it here, on top of harassing everyone I know about how they should all try it.

 So, reasons you should all play this damn game.

  • The story is good. This is a proper story, with secrets revealed at certain times. It also contains the mother of all plot twist, which is fun.
  • The characters have depth. No, really. Your party members have stories and dreams of their own. They have character. Some of them are funny, some slightly evil, one is annoyingly distressed by dead people. Several have their own quests you can unlock by getting to know them. Oh, and you can romance some of them. That always makes me giggle.
  • The fighting system works. Which is handy, cause you’ll be doing a lot of it. A combination of martial arts styles, magic, bullet time mode and special attacks I haven’t even tried yet, makes for something that is both complicated, and doable. Mostly because you don’t need the complicated stuff to make it through most of the fights. I only found the bullet time mode halfway through the game, for instance.
  • Doable boss fights. I hate boss fights, but somehow didn’t find the ones in this game too bad. There’s only one that’s utterly annoying, and that I had to do over a few times (until I found the bullet time mode).
  • The ethics scale. You find this in more and more games. Basically, you choose what kind of character you play. Is it a saint that helps people, someone human that stays neutral, or an evil bastard? Most of the quests have different endings and many ways of solving them, which makes for a richer game.
  • It’s pretty. For a game that came out in 2007.
  • Most of the stupid minigames can be skipped. Bonus! If a game adds stupid minigames, they should definitely be skippable.
  • It’s Knights of the Old Republic, only in ancient China. Well, it is. Most people loved that game. This is fairly similar. Same developer, different setting. Martial arts replace light sabers, space is replaced by pretty asian landscapes.

 Go. Go get it. You know you want to.

And no, I’m not being paid to say this, though donations are welcome.