For those not in the know, the Geeky Women Crowd originally started off in a Sims 2 website-based chat.  Some have stopped playing the Sims, while others have carried on.  I am one of the latter.

For those who have been living under a rock, the Sims is a popular franchise that involves playing with little pixel dollies, designing them, their clothes, deciding what they do, and generally torturing them and making their lives a misery…At least that’s how I usually play it.

Soon, the third installment of the series, Sims 3 (such an original name!), will be released on 2nd June.  At the start of May, I won a competition in order to have a free hands-on play of the game before it’s released.  So off I went to London, and despite the fact that there ended up only being four computers for twenty people, instead of the ten they were supposed to have, due to EA sending the Event Host the incorrect coded discs, I managed to get my time exploring the game.  Below are my findings on the game.  If you are a Simmer, feel free to enjoy!  If you’re a Non-Simmer, find a Simmer to translate for you.

By the way, this isn’t all the information about the Sims 3, just the odd little details I noticed during my time there.  If you want to find some more information about the Sims 3, might I suggest going here:


–         There is a colour palette for EVERYTHING!  Clothes, eyeliner, blush, eyes, hair, you name it, it’s there.  I ended up with two silver haired Sims with the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen. 🙂

–         You can put freckles and/or beauty marks on your Sims.

–         There’s multicoloured blush.

–         Jewelry comes with the base game.

–         In the hair section, the view is of the side of the face so you can see what it looks like properly.

–         There are reasonable bikinis and swimming costumes!  And with the colour palette, you won’t wish to gouge your eyes out anymore!

–         There are three separate voices for each age group, and you can adjust the pitch to whatever you want.

–         Traits are placed in five categories – Mental, Physical, Lifestyle, Social, and All.

–         There are high-heeled shoes. 😛


The game play in this was absolutely brilliant!  It was definitely my favourite part.  Here’s the quick list of what I saw/learned.

–         No familyfunds cheat, alas.  Motherlode still works though.

–         There’s no auto-load when you place a family in their first home.

–         When you move to a different home, you can do it via the computer.  That gives you options on who will move with you, and if you will take the furniture with you or not.

–         One of the surprises happened when the person I watched entered their home for the first time and found out that her home was on an ancient burial groud, and she was asked whether she wanted to immediately get rid of the ghosts, or if she wanted to manage it.  She said yes, so the lot had several ghosts in it.  Later, the Repoman appeared and offered to get rid of the ghosts for her, and as she was getting bored of them she said yes.  Ghostbuster Repoman to the rescue!


–         Leftovers can be put away in the fridge.

–         If you have no car but still have a driveway and a place to park, the welcome wagon arrives in a car.

–         Flamingos can be included in the CAST, so we saw red flamingos. 🙂

–         Most expensive car was 105,000 simoleons.

–         There’s an option to sit on the edge of fountains.

–         Tables and chairs are automatically locked together, so when you move the table the chairs come with it.  Likewise, when you delete/sold the table, the chairs are deleted/sold too.

–         There’s an extra-long dining table.

–         Buy and build mode are either in the usual categories, or in a picture mode where you click on the item you want.

–         Deja-vu furniture!  There were several Sims 2 style furnishings that had been updated for the Sims 3.

–         You can ‘Engrave Epitaph’ on the graves, which allows you to write a short message.

–         Video games within the game include NFL, Skate, and Need for Speed.

–         There are ceilings.

–         Your Sims can learn about other Sims when you chat with them, e.g. traits, money level, careers, whether they are single, in a relationship, engaged, or married, etc.

–         You can hold a baby and talk to others.  Not sure about other actions.

–         There’s a food called Goopy Carbonara.  Yes, you get to eat Goopy. 😉

–         You can tell your Sims to automatically invite someone over by clicking their picture in the Relationships section.

–         3 volumes for Stereo – Low, Medium, or High.

–         You can watch TV in High Definition.

–         You can buy new cooking recipes at the bookshop.

–         Computers go in the middle of desks.

–         You can actually see the gossip!  For example, when two of my Sims gossiped, pop-up came up saying “People are saying Tori Kinura is actually an alien, living undercover in our neighbourhood!”.

–         When your Sims move to a new home, they can ‘Enthuse about New Home’ to other Sims.

–         Each bookshelf has different books on it, and you can choose which ones to read.  Books include the following – ‘The Crumplebottom Legacy: A Tale’, ‘Demand Excellance or You’ll get Mediocrity’, ‘Zombies? Zombies!’ and ‘The Noble History of Socks’.  There’s also a number of baby/pregnancy related books for expecting mothers to read.

–         Teens can hang out on playground equipment.

–         Sims can get an ‘Unfinished Room’ moodlet if the room they’re in isn’t wallpapered and/or floored.  Moodlets are pretty much random things that can affect your Sim’s mood and needs, such as brushing your teeth will give you a ‘Minty Fresh’ moodlet which helps hygiene levels stay up, and sleeping until rested gives your Sims a ‘Well-Rested’ Moodle, helping the Sim’s energy levels from decreasing as fast.  Other moodlets include ‘New Home’, ‘Burned Out’, and many more.

–         The paper is delivered by children, and there’s a different one each day.

–         When you get a job, they tell you the name of your boss so you can go and shmooze them to your heart’s content.

–         Advanced warning if kids/teens will bring home a friend.

–         Teens and children have a curfew to be home by.

–         You can talk classes at the rabbit holes which increase your skill levels.  Rabbit holes are basically buildings that Sims can do into, but you can’t follow.  You can choose the options you want them to do in there though.

–         Raising your skill levels can give you advantages, i.e. if you increase your athletics skill, you get the option to ‘Work Out Without Making A Sweat’, meaning your Sims won’t get smelly.

–         When you read the newspaper, pop-ups appear tell you what’s happened in the news.

–         A townie gave birth to a baby girl called Tawanna.

–         Buyable décor includes a giant Military Guard Tower.

–         Teens don’t have Lifetime Wishes until they grow up.

–         If your teens and children do really well at school and end up on the honours list, you may be able to choose their new trait when they grow up.  The better you do in school, the better the trait will be if you can’t choose.

–         Criminal career’s workplace is the ‘Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp’.

Trait-Related Stuff

Traits pretty much define your Sims in the Sims 3.  They can range from Evil to Kleptomaniacs, to Absent-Minded, to Slob, and even to options such as Vegetarian.  These traits determine how Sims react, what option they can do, and a number of other stuff.

In my time playing, I created three Sims – Puck, and his twin teen children Pietro and Wanda.

Puck – Green Thumb, Good Sense of Humour, Kleptomaniac, Dare-devil, and Family Orientated.

Pietro – Hot-Headed, Kleptomaniac, Snob, Athletic.

Wanda – Artistic, Flirty, Hot-headed, Lucky.

Puck ended up stealing a dustbin from the local park, and loved to hug his children. He was also able to talk to plants, although I don’t know if all Sims could do that or if it was because of his Green thumb. He was also able to have special options to entertain other people, and thanks to the Dare-devil trait could take an ‘Extreme Sleep’ or an ‘Extreme Nap’. His Lifetime wishes that I had to choose from was Become a Master Thief, Become an Astronaut, Be Surrounded by Family (raise 5 children from baby to teen), Have a Perfect Garden (Grow 8 Plants/Fruit), and Lap of Luxury (100,000 simoleons).

Pietro often wandered off to admire himself in the mirror, and was able to ‘Brag about Fishing Accomplishments’ after he caught a minnow. He was also able to ‘Talk about Self’ and ‘Talk about Possessions’. He was able to learn athletic Skill faster, and had the option to ‘Imply Your Mom’s A Llama’.

Wanda also had the last option, as well as several others. She had several special flirting behavours, such as ‘Confess Attraction’, ‘Give Marvelous Massage’, ‘Use Pick-up Line’, and several others. She often rolled up the wish to flirt a lot. Her Lucky trait often gave her an added moodlet which made her happier, while her artistic side often showed up in being able to ‘Talk about Art’, as well as an option when you click on her to ‘Go to Art Gallery’.

The girl next to me had the Evil trait on her Sim. She had options to ‘Take an Evil Shower’, ‘Have an Evil Bath’, ‘Donate to the Undermine Cupid Trust’, ‘Practice World Dominations Speech’, ‘Have an Evil Bath’, ‘Have an Evil Sleep’, as well as other options.


Opportunities are mini-quests that the player can choose to accept or ignore.  In the case of adults, they can lead to stuff like extra cash, higher friendship with work colleagues, promotions, and other advantages.  Children and teens are also able to have Opportunities, which can be rewarded with stuff like cash and/or school credit, which helps them raise their grades.

Over my time playing, I got the chance to see several Opportunities for my Sims.  Puck had to go straight from his work at the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corp in order to deliver a package to City Hall.  Pietro got school credit and cash for fixing the school’s boiler after school, and was later asked to catch a fish and deliver it to the Landgrabb Science Faculty for an experiment.  Wanda had to read ‘Demand Excellance or You’ll get Mediocrity’ for school credit, and later got the opportunity to work for Doo Peas Corperate Tower for school credit and cash.

The End

Well, that’s it.  As you can see, I got a bit note happy.  If you can’t understand what I’ve just written, you need to find a better Simmer to translate for you.  It’s a good game, and I’m looking forward to buying it.  I really enjoyed my time in London, and I got to make a few friends.

Now someone pass me the cider I was promised for this hack!

Oh…and Mortimer Goth’s parents are bloody hot.