Seeing how it worked with Jade Empire, let’s try and get some decent following for this one.

My newest obsession is with Supernatural, a sci-fi/horror series that doesn’t get nearly the cult following or hype it deserves.

Why this is, I don’t know, since it managed to hook me, a notoriously non-TV minded person, to watch three episodes in a row on DVD. People who have ever watched anything with me should probably pick themselves up from the floor now: yes, it seems I am capable of an attention span that lasts longer than twenty minutes, just not for Battlestar Galactica or Firefly (*ducks*).

So, let’s break this down.

Supernatural is sort of like an adult, if oddly pg-13, version of Buffy. But instead of a hot blonde chick and her ragtag group of high school friends (or a hot non-sparkly vampire and his ragtag group of supernatural/ghetto friends, in the case of Angel), you get two hot guys driving from town to town, fighting monsters and saving damsels in distress.

So far so good. They drive a cool car (don’t ask me which, I’m a woman, I class most cars by colour and coolness, not brand names and models). They have a classic hard rock soundtrack. They seem to wear leather jackets a lot.

Did I mention they’re two hot guys? One of them is so cute I may be developing an obsession for him that rivals my infatuation with Agent 47. All in all, not a bad thing, considering the relatively non-psychopathic nature of Dean Winchester (most of the time).

Where it gets oddly pg-13 is that no one ever seems to have sex. The fact that this strikes me as ‘odd’ says a lot about the nature of modern television. There’s hints of sex, but it just doesn’t happen. In fact, most of the character development of the hot macho one seems to be him forgoing sex to do his Duty (kicking monster ass). Luckily, he still takes his shirt of at random and totally inappropriate times (yay fan service).

Possibly less great is the fact that some of the episodes have plot holes (none of which bother me too much) and all of them have a setup and story progression that’s tighter than a size zero jeans on my ample behind or, if you will, an A-cup on the luscious bosoms of SilentPsycho (choose which one you want to envision, there, they’re equally painful). The setup goes as follows: something bad and supernatural happens in a small town, our two hot guys arrive and save the day (and the girl) after some random complications, and in the end one of the guys gets his reward: a chaste kiss from the girl they just saved. This is usually the cute macho one, since the other one is too busy being tormented over the death of his girlfriend (more character development!).

It’s simple, it’s classic and it is undoubtedly geared towards teenage girls (hot guys) and boys (cool car and leather jackets, also guns). It’s even ever so slightly sexist (really? damsels in distress?). It’s pure and utter pulp. And it’s incredibly amusing.

Go try.