February 2010

You can only put so many walnuts in salad. So what’s a girl with walnut-tree-owning friends to do? I can’t always make cookies, lest I explode into Jerry Springer proportions, so today I’m making walnut bread, home style. Electric bread makers, by the way, are for sissies. So no instructions for automatic bread makers here. Nyah. Now that that’s off my chest, let’s get started. This preparation is far from lazy, and takes quite a few hours (with time for gaming in between, can’t say I don’t care about you).

The tagline of this blog says it’s about geeky stuff and cookies. We seem to be lacking in the cookie department. To fix that, here’s the very first instalment of ‘The Improvisational Cook’, in which we attempt to make yummy things, while not actually knowing what the hell we’re doing. Keep that in mind if you’re taking any tips from this article: results may vary.