March 2010

 In which I try out things I find on the interwebs.

Recently, I’ve developed a certain addiction to food blogs. And one of the first ones that I fell in love with is Bakerella. I mean, just look at the things she makes. Even my Valentine hating self wants one of those truffle cake things.


Thing is, it’s fairly obvious that Bakerella knows what she’s doing. And I don’t. So today’s experiment tries to gauge if normal, non-baking-goddesses (or at least non-spandex-clad baking vixens) can pull that stuff off.



Sherlock Holmes is a very good film, and this is a very spoilery blog post. If you haven’t watched Sherlock Holmes, don’t read this post. And I don’t mean “if you haven’t watched Sherlock Holmes but you intend to and don’t want to be exposed to spoilers” – if you haven’t watched Sherlock Holmes, whether because you haven’t got round to it or don’t plan to, go away. Watch the film. Then come back. If you read this post then later decide to watch the film, there’ll be no magic left in it, so to speak. Well, it’d suck, anyway.

Also, you should watch the film. (more…)