In which I try out things I find on the interwebs.

Recently, I’ve developed a certain addiction to food blogs. And one of the first ones that I fell in love with is Bakerella. I mean, just look at the things she makes. Even my Valentine hating self wants one of those truffle cake things.


Thing is, it’s fairly obvious that Bakerella knows what she’s doing. And I don’t. So today’s experiment tries to gauge if normal, non-baking-goddesses (or at least non-spandex-clad baking vixens) can pull that stuff off.


I’m trying cake balls, since they look fairly easy in their basic form. Also, they’re a very handy thing to do with leftover cake (assuming you ever have leftover cake, of course). Extra handy, this takes very little time. I managed it in two parts, one right before bed, and one in the fifteen minutes between coming home from work, having dinner and going to a play.

See? Even fancy cook people can have a social life now.

No recipe here, I pretty much made do with half an old pound cake (about 100 grams).

Step one is to grate or otherwise crumble your cake.

Step two is to get some cream cheese frosting, or in my case, make some (again with the living in a place that doesn’t have random American stuffs). I’m sure there’s recipes for this stuff, but mine was very much improvised, considering I only needed a little. It involved about three spoons of cream cheese (or Philadelphia light, depending on the dietary habits of your house mates), ‘a bit less’ butter and about four spoons of powdered sugar. I added lemon juice to mine, since the first rays of sun have made me all prematurely summery. Mix it all up till you have something resembling thick yoghurt.

Step three is what I would like to officially call ‘the good part’. Flop your cream cheese frosting on the cake crumbs and mix it all together. It ends up being a remarkably unsticky, but very greasy ball. Let’s be honest here, there’s nothing healthy about these things.

Step four: Roll the resulting mess into little balls. Put them on grease paper or plastic foil and shove them in a fridge overnight.

I either need better camera skills, or a better camera.


So far so good. One of my house mates mistook the little cake delights for meatballs, but otherwise this wasn’t too hard. It certainly helps that there was no actual cooking involved so far. But that’s about to change.

Step five. After a night in the fridge, the cake balls have stiffened, so now I’m going to give them a nice little coating of white chocolate.

My knowledge of chocolate is this:

  • it’s yum

  • if you heat it too much, it goes all grainy

So, put a pan of water on high heat until it boils. Put the chocolate in a wider pan over the steam. That should melt the chocolate without burning it.




Coating stuff in chocolate is surprisingly hard. I’ve put the cake balls on cocktail sticks, in the hopes of being able to dunk them in the chocolate like that. Of course, the balls fall off the moment you try to twirl them in the chocolate, so I’m using two forks to fully coat them, instead.

OK, so they don't look particularly professional. Cut me some slack here.

OK, so they don't look particularly professional. Cut me some slack here.


On the bright side, you get to pretty much eat the rest of the gooey chocolate out of the pan (wait for it to cool down a little, though, I obviously burnt my tongue).

After another few hours in the fridge, you’ll have your end result. These things are very moist, very unhealthy and extremely tasty. Try not to make too many at once.

Success! Even a nitwit can make fancy foods from the interwebs.

Success! Even a nitwit can make fancy foods from the interwebs.