March 2011

And so it was, fair fellow Simmers, that I did depart my domicile and head out on a quest, to the fair city of far-off London. For many days and nights I did travel, in order to seek out the answers to questions asked. What is the Sims Medieval, what may be found within, and does this chamberpot match my draping? All these I didst find, for at the end of my journey was what I seek! Through dangers great and treacheries viles, I hath found what I did searcheth for. Three and a half hours of the Sims Medieval were mine for the taking!

…Okay, a trip to ye olde tavern may have been involved as well. (more…)


You know your obsession with Cute has become problematic when you start putting smiley faces on a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Yes, I do that… They are very happy potatoes.

To get the rest of it out of my system, I figured I’d make some things that are actually meant to be cute: cupcakes.