You know your obsession with Cute has become problematic when you start putting smiley faces on a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Yes, I do that… They are very happy potatoes.

To get the rest of it out of my system, I figured I’d make some things that are actually meant to be cute: cupcakes.

I always keep a bunch of cupcakes in the freezer, in little baggies. This is mostly because cupcake recipes tend to be way too much for just me and the boyfriend, and usually they’re too good to waste on my extended family. (I love you!) But it’s also handy for immediate craving kinda situations, and if inspiration suddenly strikes for an omg adorbz sort of decoration.

So yesterday I got hold of some leftover green marzipan that my dad had made and didn’t need anymore. And the rest of the day, I had ‘It’s not easy being green’ stuck in my head. An excellent time to grab those three sad little pumpkin cupcakes I made in december and put some life in them.

Because they’re pumpkin spice cakes, I made some simple icing out of cream cheese and maple syrup. Literally just that. It’s stable enough to smear into a little dome.

Now, grab your greenish marzipan. This one has colouring in it, but I’m pretty sure you can use matcha if you are so inclined. Knead the marzipan till it’s moldable and make little balls for the eyes, about the size of a hazelnut. You want them to be able to protrude a little, to make that typical froggy shape. Place them on in the icing, a little to one side.

Then throw some powder sugar onto your work surface and roll out the rest of the marzipan. I made mine very thin, so that it’d go over the eyes smoothly. Cut rounds out of the marzipan. You want them to be a bit bigger than your actual cupcake. I used a big glass to help me. Then drape the round over cupcake, and pat it down a little.

My next stop is eyes. For this you melt a bit of chocolate, about one or two pieces will do. Being a lazy bugger, I tend to just use the microwave. Be careful not to burn it though. I put it in about half a minute. Then leave it to melt a little. Another half minute of microwaved power and you can stir it till it’s all melted.

You could use the chocolate and just draw on the cupcakes, if you have the self confidence and steady hand needed for that sort of thing. I do not.

I use parchment paper. And a toothpick. If your chocolate isn’t too runny, you can sortof mold it into simple shapes on the paper. And importantly, you can mess up as many times as you want.

Make sure to mold some extra’s, in case you’re as clumsy as I am putting them on, and put the paper into the freezer for a few minutes, to let the chocolate harden.

You can then take it out and carefully stick your eyes and whatever else to the cupcakes. I used another toothpick and some very syruppy maple syrup. The chocolate will melt again almost instantly, when you handle it. Just sayin.