Keep calm and kill a dragon


It’s a Skyrim themed take on a fairly old meme and it’s my office desktop wallpaper.

I originally got it here because I’m always on the lookout for vaguely nerdy, pop culture reference themes that still make it possible to find my programs in a sea of icons. It probably helped that I have been slightly obsessed with Skyrim, but it sort of resonated with me at the time.

But anyway. This is my wallpaper, and I see it every day, working in a high stress environment. It didn’t occur to me how good the damn thing is until today, when quite a bit of extra stress was piled on my plate. I’m talking bureaucracy, deeds of ownership, painfully large sums of money and autographs that need to be collected from longtime absent boyfriends and sent to exotic foreign embassies . It’s a mess, and by all accounts I should be very upset.

And despite all my best efforts to either blow up or collapse in a soggy heap on the floor, I’m fine. Possibly a ‘calm before the storm’ type fine, but still, fine. Not in the least because I have an improved piece of wartime propaganda on my desktop. The ‘keep calm and carry on’ posters were supposedly an intended way to keep up British morale in the Second World War.  People find them kind of silly, because, let’s face it, you don’t just keep your stiff upper lip when bombs are falling all around you. But they forget what an incredibly powerful message it is. There’s nothing you can do about it, the posters say, so you might as well keep going and take things one at a time.

The dragon just makes it better, because dragons make everything better.

Is there such a thing as self induced propaganda? If it is, it’s working.

Keep calm. Kill the dragon. Take on the world.