A date that’s burned in my mind.

The day that the next part of the story will be unfurled…

The day the dragons are released…

The day that dawns in fire!

Good thing I got a chance to play it at this year’s Eurogamer Expo then.  Here we go again! (more…)


Smoking, drinking, and eBaying: a terrible combination, inevitably leading to utter moral decay and godlessness. Ahem. Don’t blame me, my dad’s a preacher. But these three do lead, if not entirely inevitably, to being shit broke. And, forgive me, I’m going to use Neopets to illustrate why.


Because I am surrounded by geeks almost 16 hours a day, I’ve taken part in a ridiculous amount of discussions about Apple versus Microsoft. I don’t think there will ever be consensus other than ‘you do your thing, and I’ll do mine’, but somehow I never get tired of them.  (more…)

A woman in the US has created a way for her cat to approve EULA’s, so she doesn’t have to. I’m sure that, should she ever be sued for breaking an EULA, the legal battles fought over this will be immensely amusing.

But even more interesting is what this says about our intense dislike of EULA’s. That a person would go to such lengths not to have to click ‘yes’ to something she hasn’t read, and might not agree to.


The internet is full of dicks. And I don’t mean the pornographic kind, though there’s quite a few of those as well (*cough* or so I’ve been told).

No, I mean the trolls. The ones that read an article (or half read, or vaguely click on it) and then start posting random crap about it. I have here, for your entertainment, a biological breakdown of trolls.

Any similarity to real people is entirely deliberate, and if you recognize yourself, please get up and leave the internets forever.


Can you buy a community?

The question may seem a bit odd, but it’s certainly valid, as I’m seeing people try.

But the answer, it seems, is ‘no’.


This morning, I did a stupid thing. When my virus scanner said ‘Trojan found in suchandsuch dll!’ I believed it, and pressed the ‘heal’ button.


This was followed by six hours of frustration and faffing about with installation discs and boot menus, while my favourite IT capable person held my hand over msn. How you’re supposed to do this when you only have one computer that connects to the internet, I don’t know. What I do know, is that a button with a safe sounding name like ‘heal’ shouldn’t have that effect.