A date that’s burned in my mind.

The day that the next part of the story will be unfurled…

The day the dragons are released…

The day that dawns in fire!

Good thing I got a chance to play it at this year’s Eurogamer Expo then.  Here we go again! (more…)


And so it was, fair fellow Simmers, that I did depart my domicile and head out on a quest, to the fair city of far-off London. For many days and nights I did travel, in order to seek out the answers to questions asked. What is the Sims Medieval, what may be found within, and does this chamberpot match my draping? All these I didst find, for at the end of my journey was what I seek! Through dangers great and treacheries viles, I hath found what I did searcheth for. Three and a half hours of the Sims Medieval were mine for the taking!

…Okay, a trip to ye olde tavern may have been involved as well. (more…)

We’ve tried awesome game moment (please do still submit yours, I always need ideas for great games to play). Now let’s do scary ones.


I will admit to not playing a lot of ‘horror’ games. My sanity and, ultimately, my sleeping pattern are quite dear to me and I’m a bit of a wuss when faced with anything horror film related. To give you an idea: the first few episodes of Supernatural made me rest uneasily. That’s how much of a coward I am.


The year is 2277. In front of me is a robot that thinks he’s one of the founding fathers of the United States. I’m trying to convince him that I’m Thomas Jefferson, so that he’ll give me what’s left of the Declaration of Independence. My character is a young woman. It works.

 People who play a lot of games know that it’s more than a simple way of whiling the time while being slightly amused. It can be, but in that case you’re just playing the wrong games.


For those not in the know, the Geeky Women Crowd originally started off in a Sims 2 website-based chat.  Some have stopped playing the Sims, while others have carried on.  I am one of the latter.

For those who have been living under a rock, the Sims is a popular franchise that involves playing with little pixel dollies, designing them, their clothes, deciding what they do, and generally torturing them and making their lives a misery…At least that’s how I usually play it. (more…)

Every now and then you find a small treasure in the discount bin.

This is good, considering I live in a country where new games can cost  up to 60 euros, which is, well, too much for a friggin’ computer game.  (more…)

My nickname is Lethe, I play games and I’m not a murderer.

I’d like to mention that last bit, in case you read newspapers, and decide to avoid me. 


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