The other day I told a friend that I didn’t really have an opinion on Dutch culture, since it’s not hugely different from what I’m used to. That’s absolutely true.

Since I assume most of you don’t know this, I have had the weekend from hell. The combination of lots of hard work, three dead hard drives in one day, and a harsh wanker course co-ordinator has resulted in my spending roughly 24 hours straight panicking. I’m now on a train, having reconstructed the most urgent lost work, and I’m attempting to get to Amsterdam to meet with some friends. It’s Sinterklaas day in Amsterdam, it’s a Sunday so every other route is down (more…)


When life gives you cherries. Make pie!


Today was my first time.

Well, alright, it was my first proper time. I did try once before, but there were a few technical glitches, due to a combination of factors among which were the facts that it was very cold, and I hadn’t drunk enough. (more…)

Here’s a funny thing about the internet: nothing ever goes away.


It strikes me as I sit here googling the closest thing I have to a love interest. The haul so far is some rather adorable teenage poetry which isn’t even bad, a blog from six years ago and a livejournal I refuse to read out of an odd respect for privacy. At least until my curiosity takes over.



Why yes, it is a mini travel journal. Only broken down in handy bullets. Cause this is the internet. And the internet loves lists.  (more…)

In the first part of this list of tips, I gave some of the major do’s and don’ts for meeting geeky women and making them like you. This time, let’s go a bit further into the relationship.

Again, compiled from the experience of some pretty awesome women (thank you, Echo, Loaf, Cthru, White, Photo and HP!)



Geeky women are awesome. No really, we are.

For a certain type of guy, we are the ideal girlfriend. You can have the mac vs pc conversation with us, we install our own software, we won’t look at you funny if you mention you’ve just cleared out Vault 63 or saved Tamriel, we might even laugh at that lolcat you made. Plus, about all geeky women I know have big boobs.

But don’t get too excited. Geeky women require proper care. We might be geeks, but we’re still women. So here’s some tips on how to appeal to geeky women, and keep your geeky girlfriend happy. From personal experience, and experience of fellow geeky women (thank you, Echo, Loaf, Cthru, White, Photo and HP!).


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