Keep calm and kill a dragon


It’s a Skyrim themed take on a fairly old meme and it’s my office desktop wallpaper.

I originally got it here because I’m always on the lookout for vaguely nerdy, pop culture reference themes that still make it possible to find my programs in a sea of icons. It probably helped that I have been slightly obsessed with Skyrim, but it sort of resonated with me at the time.

But anyway. This is my wallpaper, and I see it every day, working in a high stress environment. It didn’t occur to me how good the damn thing is until today, when quite a bit of extra stress was piled on my plate. I’m talking bureaucracy, deeds of ownership, painfully large sums of money and autographs that need to be collected from longtime absent boyfriends and sent to exotic foreign embassies . It’s a mess, and by all accounts I should be very upset.

And despite all my best efforts to either blow up or collapse in a soggy heap on the floor, I’m fine. Possibly a ‘calm before the storm’ type fine, but still, fine. Not in the least because I have an improved piece of wartime propaganda on my desktop. The ‘keep calm and carry on’ posters were supposedly an intended way to keep up British morale in the Second World War.  People find them kind of silly, because, let’s face it, you don’t just keep your stiff upper lip when bombs are falling all around you. But they forget what an incredibly powerful message it is. There’s nothing you can do about it, the posters say, so you might as well keep going and take things one at a time.

The dragon just makes it better, because dragons make everything better.

Is there such a thing as self induced propaganda? If it is, it’s working.

Keep calm. Kill the dragon. Take on the world.

In which I go completely overboard.
So I’m not a very valentinesey person. It might be the angst filled teenhood talking, but commercially timed displays of affection are a bit iffy in my book. But this year the sappy side of me has kicked in and I ended up celebrating the Cute with various foods on what I have dubbed Heart Shaped Everything Day.
You have been warned.

While playing some of my newish games, such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue, I’ve realised I’ve died far more times in that game that I’ve done in any game before, and it appears that I am not the only one.  Friends of mine have reported the same thing, and have lead me into thinking about why this is so.  Is it the horrifically hard dungeons, such as the 99-floor dungeon in which you get reduced to Level 1, and have all your items and money taken from you before you enter, or is it the simple fact that the most you have to worry about with dying in that game is a loss of some of your items and all the money that you’re carrying during that particular dungeon?


Or maybe it’s just the fact that in some games, I either play with God Mode on or Uber myself up to a point where I could be considered a Goddess.




For those who don’t know me, I’m Christine, aka SilentPsycho.  My hobbies are drinking, anime, drinking, video games, drinking, manga, drinking, webcomics, and even more drinking.  It is highly likely that whenever you see me on here, I am either tipsy or just slightly drunk.  I rarely get completely blotted, due to genetics, alas.  Usually I just get drunk enough to spread naked pictures of my Boobs of Doom about in chat rooms.


Hiyas 🙂  This shall be my first ever blog as well as blog entry.  I am indeed a geeky woman, but I’m geeky about lotsa different things.  My current geeky passion is knitting.  I am an entirely self taught continental style knitter for about 2 years now.  I always have 3-4 projects going so I never get bored with any one and I knit mostly for friends and family.  After I finish a wrap for a friend I’ll be making my first ever item for myself.  A kimono vest.

I am also geeky about PC games, though we’re buying an x-box for the family Christmas present this year.  I haven’t found a PC game I can really get into in a long time, though I’m always on the look out.  The Sims 2 used to be my favorite, but with the release of Spore EA has finally pissed me off beyond recovery.  I will never, ever buy an EA game again.  Second in line is Everyquest 2, but you have to actually sit in front of your PC for much longer than I’m able to at any one time.  After that is Ryzom.  My only problem with Ryzom right now is I’ve died soo many times it’ll take a big group expedition to recover and I just don’t have the time to do that right now.

One of my other geekinesses would be my family and our pets.  I’ve been married for a good long time now and we have two young boys (8 and 6), two dogs, and two pet rats.  We recently bought a house for the first time so I’m struggling with decorating, land scaping, and figuring out where the movers packed what.

I’m sure there are many more geeky things about me that’ll be uncovered along the way.  And I’m delighted to have been asked to join this group blog of geeky women.  🙂


Introductory posts have a tendency to ramble on. This is normal. It requires a lot of modesty to be able to sum up your whole being, or at least the bits you want people to know about, in a few sentences. And modesty does not a blogger make. For what it’s worth, I’ll try to keep things brief.


‘Ello, I’m Nysha.

I had a beautiful introductory paragraph planned out in my head, but it got overwritten by a deep and meaningful ponderance about why the hell there is a car tyre hanging off the streetlamp outside my window (I have a limited cache); so you’ll have to make do with some inane rambling about why I’m not writing anything good. An utterly self-defeating sentence already, I’m off to a good start!


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